How To Use allows you to create beautiful, original AI images using ImgCreator's new text-to-image functionality. You'll find Art in the sidebar of your app. Once selected, you'll be given two options for creating images:

Purely text input: Write down specifically about what you want in your image (this is crucial if you want good result đź‘») and also choose add-on options with suggested inputs (style, medium, mood, etc.) to give you a bit more guidance for a high-quality output. Of course, you can also choose freeform mode as well if you do not want to be limited at all.

Image + text: Upload your image and the background will be removed automatically. Then use text to describe the background to get your optimal background.


Click Generate and let the magic happen. IMGCreator will create four images for you to choose from (if you upload your own image, you will just get 3). Images will take around 20 seconds to generate while IMGCreator is thinking. Don’t love the images? Try adjusting your text input in the image description or hit the create button again to produce a new set of images (Accurate text will hugely impact your image output). Feeling Stuck? Have IMGCreator give me a prompt by clicking the button "Try an example" to get the creative juices flowing. IMGCreator will fill in prompt for you to create a few images!

Image Results & Actions

Click on any image to expand it. From here, you will have a few options:

Copy to Clipboard: Copy any image to the clipboard by clicking the icon the top right corner of the image

Download: Download any image using the icon in the top right corner of the image

Thumbs Up/Down: Give IMGCreator some feedback by clicking thumbs up or down in the bottom left corner. Tell IMGCreator this was a good image, or this image doesn't match my prompt

Share: Share your amazing results on social media or email with your best buddies

Image History

You can view your image result by clicking Show History on the top menu bar of the page. All image descriptions and image results will be saved here.Don't worry about forgetting to download your amazing results, you can always view, download or share results anytime you want.

What IMGCreator isn't the best at creating… yet!

Words: IMGCreator struggles to spell words correctly, so you may see some interesting outputs if you ask for an infographic or meme

Faces: Human faces may sometimes look melty or distorted. Don't be alarmed. You may just need to adjust your inputs for a more specific result

Photorealistic: if your text input doesn't really exist in real-world, then it will be like a painting